Personal touch in finance

Client Cases

Borrie is een full service kantoor dat zich richt op langdurige dienstverlening. Dat betekent dat we de kennis en de mensen in huis hebben om onze klanten totale ondersteuning te bieden – in welke branche ze zich ook bevinden en wat ook de omvang is van hun organisatie.

The long-term relationship: Kooiman Group and Borrie

The Kooiman Group has had water in its veins for more than 125 years. They design, (re)build and repair ships.

The valuable of relationship: Borrie and Vesting Finance

Willem Bommeljé (left) is a man with clear ambitions. When he became director of Vesting Finance in 2006 (now managing director), it was his mission to expand the activities of the business.

The well-oiled relationship: Borrie and Van Meeuwen

‘Van Meeuwen’s smeerolie Industrie De Drie Tonnen’ first saw the light of day in 1934. Founder Han van Meeuwen was at the helm of the Weesp firm for four decades.

The sense of family: Borrie and J. van Ingen

‘J. van Ingen B.V. Roadwork, groundwork and sewage work contractors.’ A real, old-fashioned family firm. Founded by father Jan in 1969.

The forged bond between Valk Welding and Borrie

In 1961, Henk Valk starts a sales company for a German manufacturer of welding equipment.

The fashion consciousness of Röling Import and Borrie

Becoming big in the cyclical branch of ladies fashion calls for a trained intuition regarding trends and style.

The document flow of The Consultancy Firm and Borrie

If you send out thousands of communication products a day, how do you make sure that they all have the same look and feel you want to radiate to your clients?

The business relationship between Kurval and Borrie

The wide range of products intended for a highly specialized market make Kurval unique. The same can be said of our relationship with CEO Mark Holthuis.

Trust between P.C. van der Wiel B.V. and Borrie

A real entrepreneur is a jack-of-all-trades. Try to imagine how proud we are when a real entrepreneur trusts his accountants enough to follow their advice. Marc van der Wiel is one of those entrepreneurs

Together as One.
Borrie is a Member of the Alliott Global Alliance of independent professional firms.