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The well-oiled relationship: Borrie and Van Meeuwen

‘Van Meeuwen’s smeerolie Industrie De Drie Tonnen’ first saw the light of day in 1934. Founder Han van Meeuwen was at the helm of the Weesp firm for four decades.

‘De Drie Tonnen’ focused mainly on the sale of oils, fats and tar products. In the 1970s, the firm changed course quite significantly, under the leadership of son Frank. With the development of a lubrication maintenance concept for industrial machinery, the products gained added value and Van Meeuwen became an important player in the market.

The current Van Meeuwen Groep supplies lubricants for the food and non-food industry, is ISO certified and provides training and courses for buyers. The age of ‘De Drie Tonnen’ is past, but the family bond remains, because grandson Rogier is already in the starting blocks, ready to take his position in the firm.

Borrie takes care of the annual accounts, the payroll services, the business and private tax returns for the Van Meeuwen Groep, and provides advice in many areas. And because Frank van Meeuwen takes his work seriously, he never hesitates to pick up the phone. For fiscal advice from Frank Post, for help with questions relating to accountancy from Fokko van Dijk. That works well. Because it means that we at Borrie also know how things stand at Van Meeuwen. And, in this way, everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

Together as One.
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