Personal touch in finance

The document flow of The Consultancy Firm and Borrie

If you send out thousands of communication products a day, how do you make sure that they all have the same look and feel you want to radiate to your clients?

Sending a bill, letter, email or PDF file in the same font and in the same house style seems relatively easy. But what happens if you have a business that grows as a result of mergers and takeovers? A company with a few hundred thousand customers who buy several different products. Then it all becomes a lot more complex. Then you need someone who is serious about document flows and client communication.

The Consultancy Firm is a young service provider that streamlines document flows and client communication for banks, insurance companies and mortgage lenders, among others. Shortly after the company was founded, Michiel Glazener and Arno Jellema came to Borrie with the assignment to set up the private limited company (B.V.) and the personal holdings. Now, there are fifteen people working there, Borrie provides all the financial services for The Consultancy Firm and someone has been seconded for the administration. Partly due to the fact that Maurice Kruidenier from Borrie has been involved since the company was founded, a relationship of trust has evolved. As a result, Michiel is open to suggestions from Maurice. Because he knows by now that the investment usually repays itself. And he is just as serious about that as about document flows and client communication.

Together as One.
Borrie is a Member of the Alliott Global Alliance of independent professional firms.