Personal touch in finance

The fashion consciousness of Röling Import and Borrie

Becoming big in the cyclical branch of ladies fashion calls for a trained intuition regarding trends and style.

At Röling Import, they therefore cherish specialised knowledge and experience as the crown jewels of the company. And rightly so: anyone who knows what a woman will wear before she has decided herself must be doing something right. And anyone who succeeds in this during difficult times is a smart entrepreneur.

Röling represents and imports a number of exclusive fashion brands such as Marc Cain, Cambio, Steffen Schraut, Marc Aurel, Backstage, Crea Concept, Princess goes Hollywood and Margittes. The firm handles labels which are complementary and focuses on a select group of better retailers who want to be distinctive. How is that possible without it adversely affecting your turnover? Röling balances with verve between providing optimum service to the retailers and its own conducive interpretation of the marketing philosophy of every label. Every brand has its own showroom and retailers are given every opportunity there to carefully put together the collection they want for their store.

Röling has been a client of Diana Clement since 1986. Borrie takes care of all SME services for Röling Import and assists Marc van Hilst regularly with advice. Because he is always on the look-out for expansion and related activities in the branch. A true entrepreneur therefore, with a passion for the profession, who continues to do business, even if there is a temporary blip in the economy. Because Röling’s fashion consciousness can cope with that.

Together as One.
Borrie is a Member of the Alliott Global Alliance of independent professional firms.