Personal touch in finance

The forged bond between Valk Welding and Borrie

In 1961, Henk Valk starts a sales company for a German manufacturer of welding equipment.

When the first robotic welders appear on the market at the end of the seventies, son Remco is quick to market them. His efforts are rewarded in 1994 with a 75% share in the market for robotic arc welders and welding requisites. Fifty years after its foundation, Valk Welding is a respected supplier of arc welding and plasma equipment with a tight-knit network of dealers, branches and training centres in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark and the Czech Republic. Valk Welding supplies equipment and welding wire to hundreds of customers, including exhaust giant Bosal, agricultural machinery producer New Holland and escalator supplier Thyssen Krupp.

Today, in 2012, Remco Valk sees opportunities to further expand the business with branches in Germany, Ukraine and Turkey. In order to achieve this in such times as these, it is not enough to be market leader in the Benelux; you also need vision and courage. And sound advisers.

Borrie is the financial physician of Valk Welding and provides advice on a wide range of subjects, including the setting up of branches abroad and the ins and outs of the company as a whole. Harm Borrie and Remco Valk have taken things even further: a few years ago, they sailed together to England – and back. And that is only really possible if you have a good relationship – if not to say a forged bond.

Together as One.
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