Personal touch in finance

The business relationship between Kurval and Borrie

The wide range of products intended for a highly specialized market make Kurval unique. The same can be said of our relationship with CEO Mark Holthuis.

Mark Holthuis used to visit 8 to 10 clients a day as part of his job in external sales. He worked 70 to 80 hours a week. It comes as no surprise that he started to think: why don’t I buy this company and become the manager/owner myself? Borrie helped him transform this idea from a dream into reality. The help was welcome.

Kurval supplies tools and machinery for the high-tech manufacturing industry. This includes instruments for the final processing of metals, stamps and moulds. But they also supply heating elements for specialist uses. When Holthuis wanted to take over the failing company in 2008; he discovered it was missing an important business information branch. He contacted Marco Schreurs for help. Marco thoroughly screened the business and created a new, much more realistic takeover proposal which appealed to both parties.

The fact that Holthuis was founded the year of the economic crisis did nothing to deter this entrepreneur from realizing his ambitions. A new company was purchased with Borrie’s help. This allowed Kurval to also supply its customers with industrial cooling systems. This company continues to go from strength to strength. Kruval is set to move in the middle of 2013. Once again, Borrie will act as a knowledgeable advisor who thinks with the entrepreneur.

Together as One.
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