Personal touch in finance

Trust between P.C. van der Wiel B.V. and Borrie

A real entrepreneur is a jack-of-all-trades. Try to imagine how proud we are when a real entrepreneur trusts his accountants enough to follow their advice. Marc van der Wiel is one of those entrepreneurs

P.C. van der Wiel was founded in 1969 and started off as a green space company. However, it organically developed in line with its clients’, governmental bodies and private customers’ wishes. Today, P.C. van der Wiel is active in the field of green spaces; the industrial cleaning of sewers, cesspits and drains; mechanical sweeping, weed maintenance and winter maintenance. The move into cleaning work is down to Marc van der Wiel, the founder’s son and current manager. He took over the business from his parents in 1992. This had to take place quite quickly due to his father’s ailing health. The accountancy firm which was well acquainted with the company outlined a new business structure. This firm later became Borrie.

Today, Borrie is still one of the Van der Wiel family and their current contact is Marco Schreurs. “We are still in touch and I really respect his opinion”, explains Marc van der Wiel. “And not just about the accountancy side of things. I also trust his management advice.” This was recently the case. Van der Wiel heard a rumour that one of his competitors had gone bust. He contacted them to see if he could purchase a cattle-truck. Van der Wiel ended up buying the whole company. He was able to take this step because we, at Borrie, performed thorough calculations and negotiations with the bankrupted business’ lease company and fully supported the transaction. Winning someone’s trust allows you collaborate with entrepreneurs. And this trust is definitely something we’ve earned from this down-to-earth businessman.

Together as One.
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