Personal touch in finance

The valuable of relationship: Borrie and Vesting Finance

Willem Bommeljé (left) is a man with clear ambitions. When he became director of Vesting Finance in 2006 (now managing director), it was his mission to expand the activities of the business.

Bommeljé set down to work with vigour: he bought three to four companies a year in the collection branch. When Willem was looking for someone who could help him with the purchase of his new companies, Borrie was the preferred choice.

Since that day, Borrie has assisted Vesting Finance with the due diligence audits in the financial and fiscal area, and with the accompanying advice. That means a lot of work, because the financial assessment of a company by no means always just involves an audit, and Vesting Finance also purchases outstanding debts. Based on the nature of the debts and the nature of the debtors, Borrie makes realistic forecasts, which provide a clear picture of the value of a portfolio. As a result, Vesting Finance can decide what price it is willing to pay.

If you work together in this way, you don’t get bored quickly. Because, first of all, the number of transactions is high, but, in addition to this, every project is different and raises new question. Never a dull moment. And if you also get on well outside work, a client relationship soon becomes a relationship between friends. The best of both worlds for everyone.

Together as One.
Borrie is a Member of the Alliott Global Alliance of independent professional firms.