Personal touch in finance

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Your own Finance department, but somewhere else

The owner-director of a medium-sized business usually has other things on his mind than his finances. With Borrie, they can benefit not only from the regular package of services, but also from customised solutions in the field of business advice, fiscal advice and asset management. Thanks to the personal relationship towards which Borrie strives, our advisers know what you need and they function seamlessly as your company’s finance department.

Diana Clement

Accountancy | Amsterdam

‘Adding value and giving direction.’

Diana Clement has been working in accountancy for over twenty-five years. She focused on SMEs and started her own office in Amsterdam in 2000. In 2008, this office was integrated into Borrie’s branch in the Dutch capital.

Diana not only has business ambitions, but also administrative ones. ‘That’s why I am not only a partner, but also a member of the Executive Board of Borrie. I enjoy adding value to the organisation by giving direction to the future. That’s also why I have been on the board of the SRA since December 2011. This is an organisation for independent accountancy firms. I am concerned, among other things, with the SRA quality mark, a way of making entrepreneurs aware of the quality of the affiliated firms. To me, accountancy is the best profession there is. What drives me is the knowledge that things can always be improved and that clients only benefit from your services if you know what’s going on in the world; in the real world and in their world. In this way, you can support them. In both word and deed.’

Diana Clement
Borrie is an active and driving force in the Alliott Group, a worldwide alliance in the field of accountancy, tax advice and consultancy.