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Good relationships are long-term and personal relationships

A sustainable service is what Borrie focuses on as a full-service firm. With the necessary knowledge and people in-house, clients are offered accurate and comprehensive support. In doing so, Borrie operates in all conceivable sectors and is also very active internationally.

Borrie is a full-service firm that focuses on long-term services for its clients. This means that we have the knowledge and people in-house to provide total support to our clients – whatever industry they are in and whatever the size of their organisation. Many of our clients also bring their private finances to us. Others restrict themselves to asking for advice on a specific sub-area.

Below you can see what Borrie can do for you:

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Everything in financial operations and asset management

Large companies

All common services, national and international

International companies

As a member of Alliott Global-Alliance, service is provided around the world by professionals who know local laws and opportunities like no other

Not for profit and semi-government

Transparent financial reporting and accountability

Free professionals

A trustee for complete financial management

Start-up firms

Advice and assistance in the course of all regulations and obligations

Wealthy private individuals

Management of private wealth by a team aware of life changes

Banks and investment companies

Reducing risks to realistic proportions and financial transparency


Tax advice for real estate funds, property developers and real estate companies (both profit and not for profit)