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What is your company value?

The valuation of a company and the final transaction is complicated business. Valuations, acquisition guidance, but also an independent review of a matchmaker’s advice is daily business for us. A multidisciplinary team of registered valuators, accountants, business economists, financing specialists and tax advisers will search for the best solution for you, so that you can focus on your business.

Through our alliance with the Alliott Group Alliance, we also operate internationally.

In many cases, people call on us in the event of an imminent business transfer or merger. But also in the case of a management buy-out or buy-in, company restructuring and economic damage claims and disputes, the valuation of the company is an essential element, for which Borrie has the right expertise in-house.

  • Business transfers
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Due diligence
  • Funding applications
  • Management buy outs en buy ins
  • Advising on selling strategy
  • Corporate restructuring
  • International tax restructuring
  • Economic damage claims
  • Valuation in disputes

Borrie Accountants helps you keep your business financially sound and is characterised by up-to-date professional knowledge to achieve this for you.


Borrie Tax Consultants knows what it takes to have a good relationship with the taxman.


Borrie Corporate Finance helps you with advice and guidance on corporate transactions and knows the value of your business.


Borrie Global Mobility Services assists employers and their employees in carrying out international employment.


Borrie supports you on sustainability issues and helps you deal with complex ESG laws and regulations.


Besides administrative support, Borrie has the knowledge and expertise to advise you on payroll and personnel administration.