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International concerns

At home in the financial world, wherever it might be

Thanks to our alliance with the Alliott Group, Borrie can count on the active cooperation of local partners, all over the world. Due to these contacts, our clients, wherever they are, can make use of the same service they are accustomed to from us, but then provided by professionals who know the local conditions, laws and possibilities better than anyone else.

Harm Borrie

Corporate Finance | Rotterdam

‘Looking at the future from a financial perspective.’

Harm Borrie was born in Rotterdam and studied Business Economics in Maastricht. He is, among other things, Deputy Chairman of the Europe, Middle East and Africa region of the Alliott Group, the international network of which Borrie forms part.

Harm spends his free time on the water, in the snow or in the kitchen. When he is working, he thinks only of his clients. ‘They must truly feel that it’s all about them. In our profession, we do that by looking at the future from a financial perspective, together with them. A proactive attitude is essential here because you are always thinking in terms of solutions. I find it really exciting to tackle issues and themes on this basis, together with colleagues and clients. It’s even more fun if international projects and clients are involved. A good education and the necessary experience naturally form the basis for good advice. But only if you have the right attitude towards your clients does that advice gain the added value that makes it all worthwhile at Borrie.’

Harm Borrie

Marco Schreurs

Accountancy | Amsterdam

‘Tackling that forest of rules and regulations together with your client.’

Marco Schreurs has been working in accountancy since 1991. Marco has experience in the compiling and auditing side of the business and is also at home in issues relating to business economics, financing applications and the evaluation of business plans.

Marco Schreurs is less concerned with the figures than with their translation. ‘Without an explanation they can understand, these figures are of no use to clients. You must therefore try to communicate as clearly as possible, and that begins by listening carefully to your client’s questions and wishes. In addition to this, you must not only show your commitment, but also feel it. Service is always the main thing. I want to offer a helping hand in that forest of rules and regulations associated with reporting and fiscal aspects. It’s a challenge to support clients in the development of their business. My added value must lie in limiting the risks for the business and supporting opportunities the entrepreneur sees. I want to be a ‘walking encyclopaedia’, and wherever possible earn money for the client.’

Marco Schreurs
Together as One.
Borrie is a Member of the Alliott Global Alliance of independent professional firms.