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Good relations with the tax authorities

It is our mission to create a financial climate for our clients that will enable them to benefit for a long time from an optimum tax burden. The tax advice provided by Borrie relates to the owner-director and his business, to the fiscal structure of international concerns, to wealthy private individuals, to the management of real estate and to all possible forms of tax returns, at both the business and private level.

Everyone tries to manage their assets in such a way that they know where they stand in the fiscal sense. In the meantime, the law changes and limitations become possibilities – and vice versa. The team of fiscal experts at Borrie are continually updating their knowledge and are able to provide both entrepreneurs and private individuals with appropriate advice, so that relations with the tax authorities remain optimum, without becoming intimate.

The owner-director and his business
  • Business succession
  • Mergers and takeovers
  • Reorganizations
  • Self-managed pension
  • Wage tax/Social insurance contributions
  • VAT
International tax planning
  • Structures
  • Transfer pricing
  • Wage tax/Social insurance contributions
  • VAT
Wealthy private individuals
Estate planning
  • Income tax
  • Corporation tax

Maurice Kruidenier

Tax Advice | Rotterdam

‘We seek the limits, but we don’t overstep them.’

Maurice Kruidenier studied Dutch and Fiscal Law at Erasmus University. In 2001, he was asked to set up Borrie’s tax department. He is also active in the Alliott Group, as a member of the World Wide Tax Committee.

Every taxpayer not only has obligations, but also possibilities. Maurice Kruidenier is concerned with both. ‘Anyone who does business internationally is involved with foreign buyers, suppliers, perhaps with subsidiaries or other interests abroad. That not only creates fiscal complications, but also opportunities. Personally, I enjoy talking to clients about more than just taxation. It helps you get to know someone better and that, in turn, helps you to give them the right advice. And, if possible, this advice must ensure that we pay for ourselves, as it were. We go to great lengths here. Let’s say that we seek the limits without overstepping them’.

Maurice Kruidenier

Frank Post

Tax Advice | Amsterdam

‘On the interface between the private and business sphere.’

Frank Post started with BDO after gaining his HEAO qualification (higher education in economics and management). After studying fiscal law at the University of Amsterdam, he applied himself to advising SMEs. In 2006, he moved to Borrie.

‘As all-round tax adviser, I advise a large number of owner-director and wealthy private individuals. I am also the person people come to with questions about pensions and business succession. If that’s your role, you must be able to serve as discussion partner on the interface between the private and business sphere. I want to make my clients feel that they can always count on me and that they can entrust their financial affairs to me with confidence. Communication and trust are naturally the keywords in that case. Apart from that, I find it fascinating to convey what I know to colleagues and clients, and I never give up until I’ve found the solution.’

Frank Post
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