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Fiscaliteit rondom vastgoed is onze specialiteit

Wij bieden vastgoedpartijen full service op het gebied van fiscaliteit en vastgoed. U kunt daarbij denken aan:

  • Het fiscaal optimaal structureren vastgoedfondsen, zoals woningmaatschappen, vastgoed cv’s, monumentenfondsen, fbi’s.
  • Het liquide maken van vastgoed met zo min mogelijk fiscale kosten (bijvoorbeeld ten aanzien van overdrachtsbelasting en vennootschapsbelasting).
  • Overdrachtsbelasting en btw vraagstukken bij de transformatie van kantoorgebouwen naar bijvoorbeeld woningen dan wel hotels.
  • Specifieke fiscaliteit die speelt bij ontwikkelaars, aannemers en beleggers.
  • Fiscale advisering bij woningcoöperaties, zorginstellingen en stadsherstellichamen.
  • Structurering van privaat publieke samenwerkingen voor infrastructuur projecten.

Maarten Borrie

Tax advice | Rotterdam

Maarten Borrie received his Masters Decree Tax Law after graduating at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 1998, and is employed by BORRIE as per 2011. After graduating in 1998, he started his working career as a general tax lawyer in the tax practice of KPMG Meijburg & Co in Rotterdam. The main focus of the clientele at that time was aimed at nationally operating enterprises. After starting in the national tax practice, the focus was shifted more and more towards multinational operating enterprises. The transfer pricing aspects of multinational operating enterprises became the specialty of Maarten. Within KPMG Meijburg & Co, he worked – often as part of internationally composed and multi disciplinary advisory teams – as an advisor for larger multinationals on transfer pricing questions. This included amongst others he design and implementation of transfer pricing policies as well as agreeing the arm’s length nature of these policies with the Tax offices.

“A lack of personal touch and direct contact with privately owned businesses became aspects of the international tax advisory function that I missed more and more in my day to day activities. This eventually resulted in my transfer to BORRIE after having worked for KPMG Meijburg & Co for 12 years.”

“The good mix between smaller and larger, national and internationally operating clients of BORRIE assures a daily inspiring and always challenging tax advisory environment. A successful tax consultant nowadays is not only up to date on his own specialty, but also on directly surrounding areas. The fun part of BORRIE is that tax consultants work directly together with other financial experts on a day to day basis enabling the best optimal service for our clients. It is my ambition to translate our knowledge and expertise into sound and clear advise towards our clients. In that way, relationships can grow that keep creating value.”

Maarten Borrie
Borrie is an active and driving force in the Alliott Group, a worldwide alliance in the field of accountancy, tax advice and consultancy.