Personal touch in finance

Not-for-profit and semi-government

Transparancy and accountability

Due to their role in society, not-for-profit organisations and those which are allied to the government are particularly susceptible to criticism. Transparent financial reporting and accountability are therefore very important factors. For this sector, Borrie offers not only the regular accountancy services, but also fiscal services, organisational advice, payroll services and consultancy.

François Flooren

Accountancy | Rotterdam

‘You do business together with the client.’

François Flooren was with Ernst & Young for over twelve years, involved in auditing practice. He has been working at Borrie for the past ten years, the last eight years as partner. François has applied himself to the non-profit sector, among other things. His clients include museums and various foundations in the welfare and reintegration field.

François takes a keen interest in his clients’ affairs. ‘Naturally, you must be available for your clients, but that isn’t enough. You must be close to them, in both the business and personal sense. There’s a big difference between giving someone advice on demand and doing business together with the client In the latter case, you build up a relationship of trust, which noticeably improves your involvement and therefore the quality of the service you provide. Clients must realise that you are there for them as a confidential business representative and as a skilled adviser. You must allow this awareness to grow if you are to reap the rewards.’

François Flooren

Diana Clement

Accountancy | Amsterdam

‘Adding value and giving direction.’

Diana Clement has been working in accountancy for over twenty-five years. She focused on SMEs and started her own office in Amsterdam in 2000. In 2008, this office was integrated into Borrie’s branch in the Dutch capital.

Diana not only has business ambitions, but also administrative ones. ‘That’s why I am not only a partner, but also a member of the Executive Board of Borrie. I enjoy adding value to the organisation by giving direction to the future. That’s also why I have been on the board of the SRA since December 2011. This is an organisation for independent accountancy firms. I am concerned, among other things, with the SRA quality mark, a way of making entrepreneurs aware of the quality of the affiliated firms. To me, accountancy is the best profession there is. What drives me is the knowledge that things can always be improved and that clients only benefit from your services if you know what’s going on in the world; in the real world and in their world. In this way, you can support them. In both word and deed.’

Diana Clement
Borrie is an active and driving force in the Alliott Group, a worldwide alliance in the field of accountancy, tax advice and consultancy.